IKOU Brand Story

IKOU Core Design & Brand Philosophy

IKOUstyle ( is an online shoe store selling exclusively high quality IKOU footwears. IKOU strive to embodies the image of comfort with style in every woman’s daily life.

Authentic to its Asian origin, IKOU shoes are specially developed for Asian fitting and the insole is deliberately designed in (non pig) Genuine Leather that provides unmatched soft bounce to your every step, giving lasting comfort from dawn to dusk.

We rely on meticulous details and distinct craftsmanship to bring out the elegance demeanour of IKOU styles.

IKOU shoes are designed to be your long lasting companion. Designed in classic timeless elegance. Handmade with top quality Genuine Leather for extended lifetime and durability. IKOU, the good shoes that take you to good places.

Every pair of IKOU’s shoes is handmade in Taiwan by highly experienced shoe artisans with care. From leather drafting to every single stitch, are all manually processed and carefully tested to attain consistent quality. Delicate and detailed manufacturing process is what separates quality footwears apart from the rest.

Asian feet are mostly wider and thicker compared to Westerners’ due to the differences in bone structure. IKOU’s shoe lasts are specially developed for the wider Asian fitting while maintaing a slim and polish shape. This customization process has undertaken multiple adjustments, experiments, and testings to achieve the intended shoe lasts shape that can bring out the slender look of ladies’ instep while highlighting its soft and elegant feature.

Genuine leather is highly regarded as the best material for quality footwear as they are soft, breath-well, gentle to skin, and prevent odor. You will be pleased to know that IKOU’s shoes are made from the top quality genuine leather inside out.

IKOU shoes’ insoles are custom designed using the high material and we add extra attention to details in insoles design as excellent insoles is the key to comfortable walking. We utilize several layers of best quality latex cushion to come up with an extreme comfort design for IKOU insoles.

IKOU shoes’ outsoles are imprinted with anti-skid design pattern and made with abrasion resistant high quality rubber material. With this custom designed IKOU outsoles, we created a sturdy and durable outsoles that will not break down after a few walk and is not slippery to walk in. Take every step in confident with IKOU.

We designed IKOU styles with a heavy emphasis on classic design. And injects a pinch of artful inspirations to bring out the quality look in IKOU’s every shoes and yet still make them easy to match with ladies’ everyday outfit. Deliberate tons of time and effort is poured into every style and its color varieties. Each style colours undergoes several adjustments and testings to make sure the colors are compatible with the material to bring out the quality of IKOU design style. Every product is a piece of art to bring out your best look.

Put on IKOU, let’s go, to good places.