Purchase IKOU Shoes with Xfers Bank Transfer

No credit card? Prefer bank transfer? We got you covered with Xfers bank transfer!

IKOU has partnered with Xfers to provide you with a secure bank transfer payments!

Performing bank transfer with Xfers will provide user with more security and assurance close to the standard employed by PayPal.

Among other things Xfers, by default, apply Escrow Service to your transaction where they act as middleman to hold the money which will only be released to IKOU when you have received your purchased items.

See here to read more details on Xfers buyer protections programs.

On top of that, Xfers support for the local banks are pretty comprehensive. They support the following banks:

Pretty sure that your bank will be one of the bank listed above. If your bank is not covered, let us know and we will work out a special arrangement.

And to celebrate IKOU partnership with Xfers, we are doing a $10 OFF Voucher rebate on every purchase made using Xfers! After you have made your purchase with Xfers, an email with a unique voucher code will be mailed to your email address that is used to make the purchase.

Enough informations, Back to shoe shopping!