Simple Techniques to Break In Your New Leather Shoes

Transforming new shoes into favourite shoes

Is this your first genuine (real) leather shoes purchase? First few wears cause discomfort and pains on your feet? This is because you will need the leather shoes to ‘break in’ to your feet. Real leather will flex, stretch and mold to the shape of your foot overtime allowing it to move more naturally.

This ‘break in’ process will come naturally after a few weeks of wearing it. But if you dont have time and cant stand the pain (who doesn’t), there are some techniques that will help speed up this process.

The tried and tested technique that works wonder is to

  1. Pop on thick socks,
  2. Wear the shoes with your socks on
  3. Heat shoes with a hair dryer (low heat only, high heat may cause the glue to fell off)
  4. Wear until cooled

These 4 simple steps works wonders to speed up the ‘break in’ process.

Alternatively, you can invest on a leather conditioner that fit for your shoes. Gently rubs on a layer of leather conditioner or cream to help soften the leather. This will be very helpful for new shoes which may be fairly stiff after sitting in a box since the shoes were created.

Check out the reference links down below to read on more details on the points discussed above.


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